The Village      2020
A set of gif illustrations for an article in The Village highlighting two stories of dog owners that bring their dogs to the office.

The header for the article with the space for the title

Screenshot of the article from

Pepper is a corgy that lives with Vasily. I placed a book on top of the couch because Vasily is a co-founder of a comic book store and that's where he brings Pepper.
I had to use the client's brand colors. I added some extra ones that would suit them well. I tried not to overdo the animations, so they wouldn't be too distracting for the readers.

Pepper working hard in the bookstore

Pepper taking selfies with bookstore clients

I wanted to show the very first meeting of Vicky and Leily as if it were a miracle, a kind of love at first sight. That's why both Vicky and Leily don't even blink. I had original reference photos of the dogs and their owners, so I did my best to stay as faithful as possible how they actually look.
Leily meets Vicky for the first time.
All the attention is meant to go to Vicky, that's why the other characters don't move much, whereas Vicky is very active. The facial expressions are positive or just neutral because no one in the office is bothered by Vicky's behaviour, even if the meeting is interrupted. Moreover, everyone is happy to have her in the office.

Important meeting

First I sketched all the illustrations with loose black & white drawings. I wanted them to be expressive and I tried to instill a lively mood in the final illustrations.

Initial sketch for the important meeting

Vicky's office life

Screenshot from

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