Christmas risoprint postcard set that you can find in my etsy store.
I like a lot to make my own Christmas / New Year postcards and send them to friends and family. This year I waited till the very last moment but finally took some paper and a pencil and suddenly came up with ideas that I really liked.
One of the sketches didn't make it to the postcard
I drew the final illustrations in Photoshop and sent a request to Fidèle, a local risoprint studio in Paris that works with many artists and illustrators and prints very nice stuff. I was surprised that they replied me super quick and just a week later I got my crispy postcards.
I had 3 ideas in mind how to use them:
- to send to my friends and family
+ to sell some sets and solo cards on etsy
- to send them to art-directors and publishing houses I want to work with

I'm done with the second line in my to do list but I still have to do the two others :)
Thank you for watching!
my instagram for more illustrations and updates)

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