Big Cartoon Festival      2018
A mascot and a poster for Big Cartoon Festival 's animation workshop event. 
The mascot had to be a redhead girl. I wanted it to be simple but remarkable. I also wanted her to communicate the idea that it's an animation festival. I made several sketches. The art-director chose no.1 and no.2 and asked me to merge them together. That's how the final girl was born.
I added the black apron on to her to show that she works manually, as animation can be more than just digital. It can be stop-motion, hand-drawn, oil-paint, etc.
For the poster, I also chose a girl as the main character and played a lot with lettering because a lot of important information had to be added. I used the flat-shaped surfaces of the girl's body as my text blocks. I tried many colours. Finally, almost all my suggestions were used both in social media and in the venue. 
Here are the initial sketches. For each sketch, I made text blocks with the essential information, so the art-director could have the idea of what the final poster would look like.
The blue version was the event's official poster.

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