Grilled Cheese      2018
Illustrations for Grilled Cheese magazine issue on the Swimming Pool.
The brief was to make up four games for children about the swimming pool. The magazine is printed on risograph with two colours, so I had to keep that in mind while working on my illustrations. I also had to think where to put the text blocks as the magazine is bilingual and all the game rules had to be written both in English and French.
The first spread was about some tattoo artists that went to the swimming pool. I tried to draw their bodies as diverse as possible, so the kids would enjoy drawing tattoos on various body shapes and also see that all body shapes are beautiful.
The second game was about finding the differences. I purposefully made it so that the left and the right sides are not just mirrored images. I wanted it to look more natural and relaxed.
The third game is about finding all the glasses that are suitable for swimming.

The sketch

The coloured illustration

The fourth game was about drawing the upper parts of kids bodies.

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