The teaser I made for Big Cartoon Festival 2018, an international animation festival that takes place in Moscow.
I wanted to play with the animation style and abstract shapes, to make characters to get more and more abstract. Also, the teaser had to be fun to watch and rewatch it many times. I kept these ideas in my mind while working on it.
The badly done photo of the painting by František Kupka that was my main reference for the video.
I really liked the use of abstraction and real characters and how Kupka made them coexist.
Everything started with the character that I designed for the poster. It had to be a read-head girl (she's the mascot of the festival), so I just made my version.
Later the art-director of the festival made the poster and I had to re-adjust the girl a little bit, so everything looks nice together. That's how the cat appeared. (For the teaser I recolored the cat as I wanted him to be visible and distinctive)
I didn't really make the proper storyboard. I knew I wanted to make something about the line to the cinema. Then I drew some keyframes with visual ideas that I wanted to use. I picked those I liked most. And I arranged them the way that seemed to be coherent to me.
Everything was animated in Adobe Animate and I mixed cut-out and drawn animation. Also, most of the time I animated only every 3rd frame as it worked better with the music style.

You probably noticed that the cat's and girl's heads as well as body parts are always drawn differently what's usually not ok as the character should be drawn as on model sheets. I made it on purpose because I wanted them to be recognized by their colors and general look as well as by the way I put the scenes together.  
Thanks for watching and reading!

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