Here is a bunch of illustrations I made for a story about an Easter Bunny printed in Histoires pour les petits, a French magazine for kids that belongs to Milan Presse.
I wanted to step away from traditional Easter colors, so I made a mix of textures and flat shapes and picked the colors that are fresh and depict the the beginning of spring (at least that's how I imagine it). So it's not that colorful as it would be for the summer season. I tried to make illustrations funny and playful as the story is naive and funny itself.
It's a story of a bunny who was afraid that his ears will be eaten by someone as he had heard that bunnies' ears are eaten on Easter.
Finally his friends Duckling and Chicken explained him that it's not dangerous. They persuaded Bunny to give it a try and go and look for chocolate eggs.
And there was a sweet and very chocolate-flavored happy end.
Thanks for watching it!

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