The teaser of Image Par Image 2019 festival. Slightly inspired by arcade games and anime.
Directed, designed and animated by Olesya Shchukina.
Music: Barrie Gledden, Richard Lacy.
First I made an illustration for the poster. I wanted it to be about the singing mountains. Suddenly the yellow cat appeared and took all the attention.
The first sketches. Actually it could have been about mermaids but the mountains won. Hopefully I'll use the mermaids in my future projects.
Usually I do very accurate storyboards for my films but festival teasers are always half-improvised. This time I drew some keyframes and then very quickly switched to Animate CC. I used it to make the animatic and then to animate, too.
The notes are in Russian, it's still the easiest way for me to talk to myself.
Thanks for watching/reading it!

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