Бельчонок и санки
Belchonok i sanki / The Sled

2d animation, 4'19", © Soyuzmultfilm 2016
Script, direction, design: Olesya Shchukina
Lev Slepner
Sound design: Andrey Guryanov
Chenghua Yang, Roman Kazakov, Maria Gavrilenko, Nadya Mira, Olesya Shchukina
The little squirrel finds something he has never seen before.
The film started with the riso postcard I printed back in 2014 to send to my friends and family for New Year and Christmas. A year later I put the scan of it on facebook and the AD of Soyuzmultfilm studio wrote me a comment. He asked me to write a script based on it.
The first images I made to add them to my pitch, so the studio creative department could decide whether they want it to be produced:
Some sketches of the main characters:
Some key frames for the storyboard:
The squirrel:
Model sheets:
A background:
Everything was drawn and animated in Adobe Flash. Not the best choice as I used a lot of camera movements and it was really hard to set them up in Flash. Though, it helped me few times when at final editing I had to add some close ups. So as it was all vector I didn't need to redraw anything.

The composing was done in After Effects. I wanted it to look like a riso print as the film started with the riso postcard. Everything was drawn in 4 very very bright colors on purpose. It helped to separate final sequence images into 2 different layers, one for red and one for blue and multiply them misplacing one of the colours so it looked more authentic.
Before composing:
After composing:
The film keeps on running on festivals. You can follow it up on my website:

Hopefully one day Soyuzmultfilm will put it online. Stay tuned.

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