In December 2021, I decided to sum up my year and write about different aspects of it. For each post I drew an illustration. It was an excuse to experiment with brushes, textures and colours in Procreate. And at the end I had 11 new illustrations which I can share with you.
The first illustration was announcing the project and that I wanted to say goodbye to 2021 in a special way.
I mentioned all the new friends. Surprisingly, I met a lot of them in 2021.
I said thank you to all my old friends that I had seen in 2021. Many of them live in different countries and towns and each time we see each other is precious to me.
I listed the artistic projects I finished in 2021.
There were many that I couldn't finish. They are either long-term or I just didn't have time. And it's ok.
I made a list of movies that I watched in 2021 and liked the most.
The same for the books.
My only good habit of 2021 was writing a journal (almost) every day. It helped me to stay sane.
In 2021, I opened my online store and I decided to share my experience with holding it.
I had some failures and I embrace them.
The best event in 2021 was Roti, an 8-year-old dog that we adopted from a shelter (on the right).
If you want to read all the posts, you can find them on my Instagram.

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