La Poudrière 2011
student film, cut-out, 1'22"
Direction, design, animation: Olesya Shchukina
Music: Yan Volsy
A little girl gets lost and lives out all the adventures of the world in order to find her mother.
The assignment was to make a film from a child's point of view. I decided to interpret that literally to see how it would really look when you are small and everything is so big.

First character researches

The very first concept art

The hardest thing was to draw the main character. I probably made around 100 drawings before I got to the one that I thought would make hearts melt. For me it's a little girl but some people said they thought it was a boy. Open to interpretation — I'm totally OK with that!

Main character prototypes. I went with the one in the middle.

The film was shot under the camera with DragonFrame. The camera was fixed in place, so I couldn't move it. Thus, all the panoramic movements were done manually: I just moved all the elements millimetre by millimetre to imitate the camera movement.
Here are some making of photos. Not the best quality (sorry!), it was 2011 and the iPhone camera wasn't that powerful, especially in the dark.

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