Big Cartoon Festival       2018
The teaser for Big Cartoon Festival 2018 edition. It tells the story of a cat that doesn't want to wait in line and finds a way to sneak in the cinema.
The festival gave me carte blanche to do whatever I wanted, and I used this opportunity to experiment. I wanted to create a quirky world with a funny animation style and characters that stay as close as possible to abstract shapes.
The same year I went to an exhibition and one of the works of Frantisek Kupka struck me. I admired the way he mixed figurative and abstract painting on the same canvas. It became my main reference for the project as I decided to use the same principle.

Frantisek Kupka, Ruban bleu

I made a very rough storyboard that looked more like key images. I moved on to the animatic stage very quickly and adjusted the key frames to the music I chose.
I sketched directly on paper and then pasted all the images to Animate CC where I traced and reworked them.
I wanted the lettering to be as quirky as the whole animation was. I hand lettered the festival title and added it to the final scene.

Lettering for the final scene

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